Six steps to setting goals and turning them into success:

1. Start with smaller goals that you can work on daily, like drink more water, get up 15 minutes earlier and walk. These are easier to become habit forming and boost your confidence to add more.

2. Write your goals down and be specific . Giving yourself a timeframe to complete your goals will keep you more focused and committed.

3. Don’t expect perfection, have perseverance . You may experience setbacks. Pick yourself back up and get back on track. Remember this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix.

4. Keep track of your progress with a checklist or journal. Focus on what you’re doing right, change the things that aren’t working.

5. Find a support system . Recruit a friend to exercise with you. Tell a family member what you’re doing for extra encouragement. Hire a personal trainer to keep you motivated and accountable.

6. Believe in yourself . Have the confidence you can achieve your goals and you will!


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