Adopting Good Habits

Habit refers to an act repeated so often by an individual, it becomes automatic.

Bad habits can be difficult to break, but fortunately once good habits are formed, the same holds true!

Performing an action repeatedly causes the neurons in our brain to create the programmed pathways, and puts those actions and behaviors on autopilot. Our brains natural response to stress is to seek comfort. We respond to internal and external triggers in certain ways which aren’t always in our best interest. Take a look at your current daily choices and evaluate whether they bring you closer to the results you want, or sabotage your ability to reach your goals.

Habits are vital, they help us navigate our lives. Start identifying the bad habits that are affecting your health in negative ways, and implement a plan of action towards good habits that support your health and wellness. Recognizing those triggers that reinforce bad habits, and replacing them with positive action will develop a sense of control in your daily routines, and help guide you toward your goals, and better health.

Start visualizing how wonderful life is going to be when you reach your optimal health!


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