It's All About The Burst!!

I’m talking about intense bursts of exercise!!! Intense exercise with short recovery periods, or (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training.

Although these are workouts that promise amazing fitness benefits in a short period of time, there are also injury risks you need to be aware of.

Here are the positives of HIIT training: HIIT gets great results in less time! There’s evidence that it can improve cardiovascular fitness as well as, or better than, traditional steady-state endurance training.

The downsides of HIIT training are: The weight lifting movements are more complex and performed at maximum effort with little to no recovery, increasing risk of injury. With this type of intensity, over-training is a common mistake. Also, evidence shows it can be an in-effective hypertrophy builder for those looking to maximize muscle size. Finally, HIIT  training has limited impact on explosive power.

 How can you make sure you’re getting the best HIIT benefits?

#1- Make long term plans. Periodization is an effective program that includes progressive training, ample recovery, and maintenance plateaus. 

#2- Tailor you’re exercises to your individual abilities. Modify movements to adjust to your fitness level. Add more rest if needed between exercises.

#3- Give yourself ample rest and recovery between workout days.

#4- Work with a certified personal trainer who will design the right program for you. A program that accounts for your fitness level, and any muscle imbalances you may have.

High intensity interval training can be an exhilarating and beneficial workout, when done correctly. But to have a well-rounded exercise program I also recommend incorporating strength days into your week to build more muscle, and correct imbalances. In addition to that, blend in some yoga or a flexibility and balance routine to your exercise program to keep your muscles pliable.

Finally…. listen to your body, if it needs rest, take it!   

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