Rewrite Your Life Story

Does your story of who you are and what you’re able to do, make you stronger, or hold you back?

Has your story been something like…. “I’m just not athletic” or “Fitness is for other people” and then it’s been reinforced by family and friends?¬†

Do you secretly want to be stronger and healthier but something is holding you back?

It’s time to CHANGE your story!

Step #1- First realize you have a story

Step #2- Learn how to challenge your beliefs about it

Step #3- Rewrite your story

Take a look at the life you’ve created and the patterns that have played out. What are the most meaningful and defining scenes that stand out to you? Is your self-talk negative or positive? What types of people do you usually attract in friendships and relationships? “What’s happening externally is always a reflection of what’s going on inside”, says Christine Hassler, MA. “That’s why it’s important to regularly explore and update your beliefs.”

Start creating a reasonable story that you can grow into. Begin with small, steady actions to effectively change negative stories into positive ones. Start making changes in your environment. Getting away from familiar people, places and triggers will distance you from ingrained bad habits, influences and temptations. Shift into a new athletic identity by doing finding activities that are fun and empowering to you. Try new things like a yoga class, start walking with a buddy, hire a personal trainer, join a group fitness class like a boot camp or kick boxing, or buy a jump rope and hula hoop, etc.

There are so many options for every type of athlete. The time is now to get started on creating your new life!!



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