Gale shows complete dedication and focus to one’s training.

I have been seeing Gale for about 2 years and have only great things to say about my training.  Gale shows complete dedication and focus to one’s training.  Always thinking outside the box as to what will help each individual client.

I came to Gale with chronic right shoulder stiffness and less than optimum movement.  Many doctors recommend surgery or live with the problem until I saw Gale.

I no longer have this problem due to her knowledge and perseverance with fixing this problem.

Also be prepared to gain a great posture!!


I know that afterward I will feel better mentally and physically, and I do!

Gale Volk is, quite simply, a wonderful personal trainer and an amazing person. Although I have been athletic and active for most of my life, I have never had a coach or trainer who inspires and motivates me the way Gale does. Even on days when I don't want to work out, Gale's optimism and sweet, upbeat attitude improve my own attitude from the minute I walk in the door. I know that afterward I will feel better mentally and physically, and I do!

Gale practices what she preaches: fitness, diet, everything. She has changed my focus from losing weight to getting fit, which has improved my self-esteem in addition to making me stronger and healthier. her fully equipped home gym is a private, dedicated space where we can focus on exactly what I need on any particular day. And Gale's influence extends beyond her workout space. She helps me with nutrition, gives me exercises to do at home, and plans group activities like fun runs and stair walks. 

Working with Gale has truly changed my life.


She not only understands the science of anatomy, she also understands the art of motivation

I came to Gale in spring of 2015 after treatment for a bulging disk and Spondytheosis. I am a 40 year old avid equestrian and was really concerned about returning to my sport, at 100%,  before the world championship horseshow.   After 4 months of physical therapy through my hospital, I was also somewhat worried about transitioning to a private personal trainer, who might not understand my former restrictions. Instead, I  found Gale to be absolutely the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. Whether you are gaining muscles or slimming down, recovering from injury  or working on balance, Gale has the background and the commitment to help you succeed.

I have never gotten results like these from any other trainer – I am literally feeling improvements in my riding weekly. I believe this is because she not only understands the science of anatomy, she also understands the art of motivation. When you feel like you can’t keep going, Gale will figure out what it takes to get you there. She is so positive, sparkly, and motivating with every session! She even studied riding exercises and positions to help me improve my form and function as a rider.

No matter what your fitness goals, I am certain that Gale can help your improve your strength and personal confidence to meet your goals. Please know that I give her my highest rating, and even referred my 70 yr old mother to Gale.  My mom, who has never had formal fitness training before –also RAVES about Gale.

~Angela B.

Functional Fitness Becomes More Important To Me As I Age

Gale is an excellent trainer and has done an excellent job in helping me to reconnect my brain with my body. She has the knowledge and training to help me understand the why and benefit of each exercise . Working out with Gale is always a lot of fun because I never perform the same exercises time after time. She has the equipment and expertise to change up each workout while guiding you to achieve your goals. Functional fitness becomes more important to me as I age and Gale has helped me tremendously in that area.


I am a 60+ year old woman

I am a 60+ year old woman. As a young woman, I was never very active physically. In my mid-40’s, I began snow skiing and playing tennis . Initially, I did not combine these sports with a fitness routine. I did not think it would be necessary or beneficial to implement a fitness routine with these activities. I suffered several injuries: sprained ankles, sore back, sore knees, as well as some weight gain. Gale’s fitness programs has addressed my personal needs: she taught me how important strengthening my core muscles are to support my lower back, showed me what stretches would help the sciatic nerve pain, which is now gone, She has help with my balance and strengthen my ankles so I no longer need my ankle braces when I play tennis. Altogether she has improved my overall fitness preventing injuries and contributed to my weight loss. I hate to workout. Gale has made my workouts not only beneficial but fun. I recommend Gale’s fitness program 100%.


Gale is a fantastic motivator

I never thought I would work with a personal trainer. When I started a weight loss program Gale mentioned that strength training could help me achieve my goals, improve my overall health and increase mental clarity. Being a life long skeptic, and never being physically active, I really did not think Gale could make a difference in my life. That was a year ago. I was 20 pounds heavier and 17 inches larger. Gale is a fantastic motivator, always positive and considerate. She makes every workout fun. She knows her physiology. She makes sure you are working within your safe ranch. Her shortcoming — her counting skills are not very good — she tells me ‘5 more repetitions’ and then counts to 10! She knows when to push me harder.


None hold a candle to Gale Volk

I have been training with Gale for several years. Four years ago I had total hip replacement, and she worked with me before and after the surgery. I’m now as good as new and I know it’s because of her knowledge and help.

Gale always gives her full attention and is very encouraging and professional. I’ve worked with three other trainers before finding Gale and none hold a candle to her. I absolutely can’t say enough good things about her. Thanks Gale.


I feel so much stronger!

I have been training with Gale for 2 years, have lost a total of 9″ and feel so much stronger! Recently her training became a great asset to me when I needed surgery on my right hand. Living on a 10 acre farm, feeding animals and doing my other chores, I thought would be extremely challenging with my left hand. But from all the strength and balance training we’ve been doing, I felt strong, surprisingly coordinated, and handled it all very well!

Without her help I don’t think it could have been possible.

~Kathy P.

I’ve made great progress!

Working with Gale has been a gratifying journey. Her level of knowledge and professionalism exceeds trainers in health clubs and gyms. She’s passionate about training and inspires women to be their best!

I like the private 1-on-1 attention, variety of exercises, and continuity of always having the same trainer who knows my fitness history and can push me safely and effectively to reach my fitness goals.

I’ve made great progress!! She keeps me accountable, motivates me to challenge myself and is committed to helping me get results and stay on track.


More energy to enjoy my life

Gale has been able to motivate me like nobody ever could. She has brought me to a level of fitness I never thought I would attain, and she got me there safely, working around previous injury , avoiding any new injury, and through nutritional challenges (I had gastric by-pass 10 years ago). I have lost 30 lbs and ?? inches in just over a year. This process has brought me confidence, renewed self-esteem and more energy to enjoy my life. I recently started ballroom dancing and the core work Gale has had me do has been an invaluable piece to having a great dance experience. Thanks Gale, you’re the best!


You will be glad you found Gale

I began working out with Gale in May of 2010. I feel the best I have in a number of years and am now 60 lbs lighter and have lost more than 24 inches. During our initial meeting Gale asked me what my goal was- it was to simply “feel like myself again.” Of course weight loss was part of the purpose but not the main focus. Gale designed a fitness program for me that began showing results in just a few weeks and almost a year later has had indirect benefits in motivating my husband and a good friend to begin fitness programs as well.
It has been my experience that Gale will work with you to accommodate any special circumstances you may have. Gale works with me to make the workout schedule fit in with my work calendar. I travel a great deal for work and Gale is always accommodating about finding alternate session times when necessary. Exercises I can easily do on the road were also laid out and explained to me. Prior to starting at Fitness with purpose, I had two surgeries in two years; the training is designed with those surgeries and any limitations they impose in mind. While Gale offers nutrition and diet information she does not push this on you. If I feel I am on a diet-I am not happy. Gale makes suggestions as to ways I can improve my eating habits- I have adopted a few and chose to ignore a few- there is never any judgement.

Friday at 10:40am is one of my favorite times of the week- I truly look forward to my sessions. I found Gale and Fitness with Purpose doing an internet search about one year ago and am so happy I did! If you are considering talking with Gale, I urge you to do so, I think you will be glad you did.


Smartest thing I have ever done for myself!

Its difficult to put into words what Gale’s expertise as a personal trainer has meant to me. She has been instructor, motivator, and mastermind of the training and nutrition program that has physically transformed me. I walked into her studio 7 months ago weighing 70lbs more than I do now and even more remarkably, over 42” larger than I am today! The physical changes speak for themselves, but the emotional transformation she has helped foster in me is much harder to measure. As a former high school and college athlete I knew what it meant to workout hard and push myself physically. As a woman in my forties I was at a complete loss! I was frustrated with how sedentary my life had become and setting myself up to fail in any exercise program I did try because I was measuring myself against physical requirements I expected from a 20 year younger body.

The day I walked into Gale’s studio was the smartest thing I have ever done for myself! She met me where I was and challenged me with results oriented workouts that were always fresh, informative, and fun! She gave me the tools to succeed at every level of my fitness journey. I learned so many new ways to focus on my goals and avoid injury. I am at a place in my life where I feel like an athlete again, but even more importantly I feel like a strong and confident woman. One of the things Gale says over and over during tough workouts is “You’ve Got This”. That phrase has become one of my biggest motivators when I am out on my own facing a strenuous workout. I smile because I picture Gale right there beside me believing I can, but I also smile because now I believe it too! That is what Gale has done for me.