Three Plus Reasons Why You Need To Work Your Derriere

#1- It’s your powerhouse! Sure it’s important to strengthen your quads and hamstrings (thigh muscles) but to truly have the power to squat, change direction, or catch some air you need a strong bootie! ┬áThe walking lunge is a great exercise to incorporate into your workout program.

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#2- It protects your back. Weak glutes force your back to work overtime to keep your body upright. This can lead to nagging backaches. Engage your glutes when you step up, climb stairs, or squat down to pick up an object, pet, or child. Do bridges on a regular basis. Lie on your back, feet down and knees bent. Lift your hips up and down. Once you gain strength from this exercise, add lower legs on a stability ball then raise hips up. It’s more challenging for your glutes plus it adds more core activation with the instability from the ball.

#3- It improves your posture. Along with your core, your glutes are crucial muscles for physical stability. Practice balance training on a regular basis. Start with standing on 1 leg. Add arm movement, turn your head towards arm, or close your eyes in balance. Each movement adds an element of challenge. For a more advanced move, stand on 1 leg hinge with hips and lean forward reaching your arms out in front. Stay on the same leg for 6-10 reps then switch.

Not only will strong glutes help with daily activities and sports, it provides lower back support, improved stability and posture; and it also looks great having a tighter tush!!!

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